Pfeifer - Large Format Printing and Engraving Technology for the advertising industry
Welcome to PFEIFER technology & innovation
Economical technology for your industrial production

From our production: Laser cutting machines - Laser engraving machines - CNC - Engraving machines and Milling machines

Since 1991 you can find with us all properties, who are characteristic for a successful company: Imagination, Inventive talent, reliability, cooperativness, kindness and diligence.

We don't see us as a simple manufacturer, but as problem solver and developer of individual products, based on the slogan: for our customers, with our customers!Therefore it is important for us, to come up to the various requirements with every new project. Challenge us...


 Laser machines CO2  YAG - FIBER - Laser cutting machines- and engraving machines

Laserbeschriftungsmaschine Faserlaser Markierungslaser                         PFEIFER  Laserbearbeitungszentrum skyCube M

Laser Marking Engraving machines skylaser MARK                                                                                                             Cutting Lasercenter skyCube M
Laser Power up to 4000W / Fiber / CO2 Laser Cutting- & Engraving Machines - for all mission a solution!

Made in our factory Germany in Saxonia, 08525 Plauen, Rathenauplatz 8
CNC- Engraving Machines
PFEIFER CNC 3D Kleingraviermaschine SkyCNC 2530 GRAV

Small format from 300 x 250 mm

CNC - Portal Milling Machines

PFEIFER CNC Grossformat Fräsmaschine skyCNC WK Serie

Large format up to 3000 x 4500 mm

CNC- Engraving & Milling Machines


PFEIFER 3D CNC Fräsmaschine skyCNC 8070  

up to 2000 x 3000 mm




 Our products are used successfully in the following industries: Industrial production, Modelbuilding, Metal construction, Education, Rapid Prototyping & Tool construction, Plant construction, Special applications, Advertising industry, Electronic industry, Engraving technology, Applied arts, Plastics processing, Wood industry, Stone working.

We don't hired labour, please understand, that we can only forward your requests to our customers.




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